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CHON Live at Gas Monkey Bar N Grill


Chon performing live at Gas Monkey Dallas in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. Review by Denyse Crews with photos by Will Crews Photography for Infrared Magazine.


CHON Live at Gas Monkey Bar N Grill

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Waiting in line at Gas Monkey’s Bar & Grill you get a chance to really look at your surroundings and the people in them. At first glance, if I were to be judgmental, the piercing of various body parts, tattoos, weird hairstyles and clothing styles would have sent me back to the car never looking back. Kept going, got our tickets and made our way to the outdoor concert area. Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas, Texas was pretty cool. Food is good, staff was awesome, venue was outdoor in a rustic with a little bit of industrial style theme . Definitely needs to be on your bucket list if you haven’t already been there.

Chon, out of San Diego, CA, took the stage but I have to say during the first song it was a little catchy. They performed their songs Story, Fall, Splash, Fluffy, Dew Knot, Can’t Wait, Suda, Puddle, Book, Bubble Dream and Perfect Pillow. Mostly instrumental, their music was jazzy, with the touch of hop for a moment then breaking into some great guitar riffs. This was their first outdoor venue and lead singer, Drew Pelisek declared it “the shit”.

If you get the opportunity to go to Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas, Texas and there is a band playing that you have never heard of go anyway. The outdoor venue is nice so you can hang out and not feel crowded. Enjoy the atmosphere and who knows you might just find you like the bands. While you are there tell them that Will and Denyse from Infrared Magazine sent you.

Denyse Crews, Writer
Will Crews, Photographer

Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.
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