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Xombie: “Might As Well”

Formed in 2010 out of New York City comes a rapcore band called Xombie. The band consists of four members: Atom Crews (lead vocals), Roy Galvan (lead guitar), Robert Fishkin (lead guitar), "Cadillac" Mike Martabano (bass), and Eric Castillo (drums). The band has three EP's under their belt, the latest release

The Fatal Pursuit: Sinful Review

The Fatal Pursuit are a passionate, fledgling rock band bringing the audience into the modern metal scene. Embracing the sound of double-bass drums supplied with roaring bass lines offer the opportunities for powerful vocals and majestic guitar harmonies delivered without hesitation for an engaging experience. Each new song they compose

Music Review-Sinheresy – “Domino”

  1. Domino 2. Star Dome 3. Without a Reason 4. My Only Faith 5. Unspoken Words 6. Under Your Skin 7. The Island of Salt and Grass 8. Ocean of Deception 9. Believe 10. …Another Life Line-up: Cecilia Petrini – Vocals Stefano Sain – Vocals Davide Sportiello – Bass Guitar Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars Alex Vescovi – Drums Daniele Girardelli – Keyboards Review-Sinheresy is a band that

Music Review-Mars- ” 78+”

  1. 3-E 2. 11,000 VOLTS 3. TUNNEL 4. HELEN FORSDALE 5. PUERTO RICAN GHOST 6. THE IMMEDIATE STAGES OF THE EROTIC 7. MONOPOLY 8. CATS 9. CAIRO 10. HAIRWAVES 11. OUTSIDE AFRICA 12. SCORN 13. N.N. END 14. BONUS TRACK Review-Let us be honest for a second. Any kind of art review is subjective. Whether that art be in the form of magazine, movie

Music Review-The Damn Truth ‘Devilish Folk’

  Lee-La Baum (vocals/guitar), Tom Shemer (guitars), PY Letellier (bass), and Dave Traina (drums) White Lies Pirates & Politicians Plastic Flowers Wouldn’t Be Lying Broken Blues Alex Heart Is Cold Get With You The Match Hanging On Leave It In The Dark Devilish Folk Review-Let’s be honest, most music we hear nowadays is passable. It is music that we can listen to one minute

Music Review-The Dollyrots-” The Dollyrots”

1. "Starting Over" 2. "I Wanna Go" 3. "Hyperactive" 4. "Satellite" 5. "Twist Me to the Left" 6. "Time Will Stop" 7. "So Wrong It's Right" 8. "F U Famous" 9. "Pretty on the Outside" 10. "South of the Border" 11. "After 2012" 12. "Starting Over Again" 13. "Because I'm Awesome (2012)" Review-The Dollyrots are an adrenaline shot on the music scene. Where the pop/punk bubblegum of their first album is hard to ignore,

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