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Music Review-Davey Suicide-” Made From Fire”

1. Intro / Resurrection 2. Rise Above 3. Dancing with the Reaper 4. No Angel 5. Too Many Freaks (ft. Twiztid) 6. Torture Me 7. Anti-System Revolution 8. Paralyzed (ft. William Control) 9. No Place Like Hell 10. Devil's Night 11. Take the Pain Away 12. The Chemical in You 13. Made from Fire 14. End of the War Davey Suicide, Needlz, Drayven Davidson,

Music Review-Sanctuary-” Inception”

01. Dream Of The Incubus 02. Die For My Sins 03. Soldiers Of Steel 04. Death Rider / Third War 05. White Rabbit (JEFFERSON AIRPLANE cover) 06. Ascension To Destiny 07. Battle Angels 08. I Am Insane 09. Veil Of Disguise Review-”Inception” is being hailed as the prequel to “ Refuge Denied”. This is basically a odd and ends

Music Review-Edenbridge-” The Great Momentum”

Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocals) Lanvall (Guitar & Keyboards) Dominik Sebastian (Guitar) Johannes Jungreithmeier (Drums) Shiantara The Die Is Not Cast The Moment Is Now Until The End Of Time The Visitor Return To Grace Only A Whiff Of Life A Turnaround In Art The Greatest Gift Of All Review-Edenbridge’s last album, “ The Bonding” was such a great epic album. Each song felt like

Music Review-Eve To Adam-“Odyssey”

Taki Sassaris-Vocals Alex Sassaris-Drummer Markus Wells- Guitar/Backing Vocals Matt Spaker- Guitar/Backing Vocals 1.Altitude 2.Tongue Tied 3.Undertow 4 The Price 5.Emergency 6.Landfill 7.Lucky 8.Chasing Ghosts 9.Hurt Me 10.Day Drinking Review-Eve to Adam is one of those bands that I feel would have fit in better in the early 90’s. Each cd they have put out has really blazed this trail from alternative/modern

Music Review-Soundgarden-“Ultramega OK (Expanded Reissue)”

01. Flower 02. All Your Lies 03. 665 04. Beyond The Wheel 05. 667 06. Mood For Trouble 07. Circle Of Power 08. He Didn't 09. Smokestack Lightning 10. Nazi Driver 11. Head Injury 12. Incessant Mace 13. One Minute Of Silence 14. Head Injury (Early Version) 15. Beyond The Wheel (Early Version) 16. Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version] 17. He Didn't (Early Version) 18. All Your