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Music Review-Ghost Twin-“Plastic Heart”

1. Blue Room 2. Plastic Heart 3. The Haunt 4. Not Our Time 5. Saturn Swallows the Sun 6. Chymical Wedding 7. Mystic Sabbath 8. Evermore 9. Into Oblivion 10. ElectroHirsute 11. Transfigured Heart Review-Ghost Twin are an electro pop duo from Winnipeg. Husband and wife duo Karen and Jaimz Asmundson are going to win you over with this record. Think

Music Review-Fire From The Gods-” Narrative”

Review-FireFrom The Gods is a special band. They have a sound that is very unique. This band seems to jump into many different genres while maintaining this passion and energy. The landscape is full of hardcore, metal, rap, alternative, commercial pop radio and even reggae. Vocalist AJ Channer has a

Music Review-Helion Prime-” Helion Prime”

Heather Michele Smith - Lead Vocals Jason Ashcroft - Guitars Jeremy Steinhouse - Bass Justin Herezer - Drums 1. Into the Alien Terrain 2. The Drake Equation 3. Life Finds a Way 4. Into the Black Hole 5. A Place I Thought I Knew 6. You Keep What You Kill 7. The Ocean of Time 8. Moon Watcher 9. Apollo (The Eagle

Kiefer Sutherland New Video “I’ll Do Anything”

Kiefer Sutherland New Video "I'll Do Anything" Members Kiefer Sutherland (Vocals, Guitar) Michael Gurley (Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar) Jess Calcaterra (Drums) Austin Valleijo (Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar) Joseph DeLeo (Bass)   Review - Kiefer Sutherland has done just about everything from acting, directing, producing, and as of 2016, a successful musician. Sutherland and longtime friend Jude

Music Review-Sinheresy – “Domino”

  1. Domino 2. Star Dome 3. Without a Reason 4. My Only Faith 5. Unspoken Words 6. Under Your Skin 7. The Island of Salt and Grass 8. Ocean of Deception 9. Believe 10. …Another Life Line-up: Cecilia Petrini – Vocals Stefano Sain – Vocals Davide Sportiello – Bass Guitar Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars Alex Vescovi – Drums Daniele Girardelli – Keyboards Review-Sinheresy is a band that

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