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311 drops NEW album ‘MOSAIC’ + Nat’l Tour Underway NOW!

NEW ALBUM ‘MOSAIC’ DEBUTS AT #6 ON THE BILLBOARD TOP 200 ALBUMS ‘MOSAIC’ MARKS THE GROUP’S 10TH CONSECUTIVE TOP 10 ALBUM   The cover artwork for MOSAIC is made up of 10,000 photos submitted by fans. Link: “311 prove they still have incredible momentum on their twelfth album. Mosaic is a surprisingly potent record

Willie Nelson And Family At Starplex Pavilion In Dallas 7/2/17

Outlaw Music Festival 2017 When you get the chance to see a living legend, take it. When that legend is accompanied by some of the most prolific songwriters of our generation, you go. When it's a holiday weekend and you have the next day off work, you make the most of

Homecoming: NIXONS return to TREES for 15 yr Reunion Show

Review by Adam Jacob Loredo, with foreword and photos by Ryan Javier. In the mid-1990's, the Nixons were hot shit. Backed by a solid fan base, constant touring and really fucking good music,  they were tearing up the charts and the airwaves.  You literally couldn't tune in to an alt-rock station

Latin Hip-Hop Kings: ENRIQUE IGLESIAS + PITBULL ignite the AAC

Review by DELGADO, with photos by Ryan Javier In an effort to bring you diverse perspectives, IR Mag has created a pilot program within our concert review section, where we enlist actual working musicians as guest contributors. As part of our Guest Review series, IR Mag's honorary correspondent this time around is

CATERPILLARS drop new Video, Single: “FRUSTRATED”!

Dallas-based indie alt-rockers, the Caterpillars have just put the finishing touches on their brand spanking new music video for the single, "Frustrated"! The Caterpillars originally formed in north Texas back in 2008 and in the years that have followed, the band's idiosyncratic sound has garnered them quite a following- and rightfully so.

Music Review-A Killer’s Confession -” Unbroken”

The Awakening Spawn Of Seven Rebirth A Killer's Confession 1080p Final Breath LOL Reason Sympathy I Will Define Judas Priest Letting Go Purification Review-Waylon Reavis leaving Mushroomhead was a bold move. I am not sure if there were issues between him and the in-and-out antics of other singer J Mann. “ Savior Sorrow” was such a classic album for the band. When I

Music Review-Miracle Flair-” Angels Cast Shadows”

1 Angels Cast Shadows 2 Embracing The End 3 Alive 4 The Unfulfilled 5 Blessing And A Curse 6 I Am Your Truth 7 Soul Witness 8 Challenge My Faith 9 The Whole 10 Still Remaining Part Band Members Nicole Hartmann - vocals Daniel Maurizi - guitars Cédric Bron - drums Jonas Lüscher - bass Review-Miracle Flair is a very personal band. When you hear the songs on this cd, you feel like you are

Music Review-Thy Shade-” The Last Goodbye”

1. Prelude 01:08 2. Change 03:45 3. The Last Goodbye 04:24 4. Fantasy 03:27 5. Adagio 04:54 6. Final Chapter 04:51 7. Oh Divine Redeemer 05:59 8. Dies Irae 04:41 9. Bring the Light Back 03:21 10. Inneggiamo 04:42 11. Pie Jesu 02:33 Mane Cabrales Guitars, Bass, Drums Diana Shade Vocals, Piano Review-I am so torn on the debut record by Thy Shade. I love the female metal singers, but I feel bands and cds like

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