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Big Music – Exclusive Interview with LITTLE IMAGE


DALLAS – After a long hot day under the infamously brutal Texas sun at an outdoor music fest, we decided to head down to the heart of the Deep Ellum Arts District to seek shelter (and cheap beer) within the comforting confines of the famous Three Links Bar.

Although Three Links is known for hosting punk and ska bands, alt-rock was on the menu and one of evening’s headliners was group Little Image. This band may be new, but they are from “unknown.” Despite being around for less than two years, this talented troupe of teens has amassed a huge, loyal following.

Little Image was able to pack out the entire venue, a feat that even veteran bands struggle with at times.  Even more impressive, everyone in the audience knew all the words to Little Image’s tunes. After an amazingly solid set, INFRARED (IR) was able to chat with this rising band (LI).


IR: Let’s get the most obvious question out of the way. Your songs have a strong Christian influence. Do you consider yourselves a Christian band?

LI: Little Image is an indie rock band. We love people and we love the Lord and Little Image is a reflection of Him, but we don’t label ourselves as a “Christian band”. We like to be a light in dark places, and it’s hard to reach certain people when you have the label “Christian” because lots of people don’t want anything to do with God or Christianity, and we want to love and accept people even if they don’t love God. We aren’t here to judge, we’re here to love!


IR: Your bio states that the group met primarily through social media and through mutual friends. Can you elaborate on that?

LI:  Jackson (vocals) and Brandon (guitar) met through an Instagram page called @ambientnotes which led them to a good friendship. Jackson met Jerrod (bass) at a local show, and Troy (drums) through mutual friends on Facebook and Instagram. Abbie (vocals) met everyone as Jackson was meeting everyone.


IR: How did the group come to be associated with your current publicist, Chris Lee?

LI: We know Chris through our producer/manager, Trey Featherston (Stone & Feather Productions) who has helped us grow so much since we started.


IR: Your debut EP “These are Just Words” was released in the fall of 2014. When did the band decide to hit the studio?

LI: Jackson became close friends with Trey and then started the recording process of the EP in late 2013. Jackson, Trey, and Abbie recorded the entire record and band members were brought on at different times before the release.


IR: Tell me about the track: Monster In My Bed.

LI: Monster In My Bed is a song about the constant fear we have of certain things in the world. Insecurities, depression, acceptance, etc….The analogy of “monster in my bed” represents that fear we have, and how it feels uncontrollable sometimes, and kind of pulls/breaks us apart.


IR: You guys just wrapped a four-city tour (Tyler, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas). Give me one take-away from that experience.

LI: The tour was very refreshing. It was a great experience all together. We grew closer with each other, and the draw at each show was totally amazing. We met lots of people who knew our music in each city and it was just an all around great experience for all of us.


IR: I was surprised at the venue for the Dallas stop on the tour. Three Links is known for ska and punk music. As Little Image is from a different end of the spectrum, how and why did you guys choose that particular venue?

LI: We chose three links because we believe it is one of the best venues in Dallas as far as sound and atmosphere go, and I think that was pretty well proven [at the show on] Sunday. We definitely want to go back!


IR: For the Dallas show, you guys did a tremendous job of selecting bands that complimented your sound. Tell me about how the supporting acts became attached to the ticket.

LI: All the bands that played are good buddies of ours. We were touring with the opener, The Red Door, during the 4 day run and he’s a close friend/brother of ours, and NEONNOAH and Feintlove have been good friends of ours for awhile.


IR: What’s next for Little Image? I heard that you guys will be releasing a new album soon, can you tell me a little bit about that? Is there a single coming out before the album drops?

LI: We are currently in the writing process of a new record, and plan on releasing a couple singles before the release of the whole thing.


IR: What’s been one your more memorable gigs so far and why?

LI: One of our most memorable shows was when we had the opportunity to open for From Indian Lakes at Club Dada in Dallas. It was a great experience, they have been a huge inspiration to all of us musically so it was awesome to be able to experience that night with them.


IR: What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

LI:  One of our favorites to perform live is a new song that we will be releasing hopefully at the end of this year called Bottles. It has a cool groove to it and is a lot of fun to play!


IR: Fans can buy your digital downloads of your music on your BandCamp page and on iTunes, but where can someone buy a CD and other merch?

LI: People can buy all our CDs/Merch items at our shows, and we are currently setting up an online store for people to send in orders for our merch.


IR: and finally, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

LI: Yes!! We love you! We LOVE YOU! We want to thank you so much for supporting us and helping us grow, we couldn’t do anything without you! We can’t wait to share new things and meet all of you!  — Little Image



Little Image is comprised of vocalists Jackson and Abbie, guitarist Brandon, bassist Jerrod and Troy on percussion. Be sure to check out the band’s website, “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for info on upcoming show dates and more!


Special thanks to Faye “Crystal” Fetters and Chris Lee.







Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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