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Outlaw Armageddon 3rd Assault No Prep Invitational

The Assault Third assault of Outlaw Armageddon was a great success in spite of the weather, late starting times, water seeping out from under the track from rains on Thursday, oil from exploding engines, crashes and all of the other excitement of drag racing these days. As we arrived on Friday and

Redemption No Prep 8.0 On the Road.

Drag Racing in Baton Rouge Redemption No Prep 8.0 "On the Road" showed up in Baton Rouge on Thursday night to State Capital Raceway with some of the Street Outlaw stars from the 405 and their own NOLA stars and hundreds of drag racers from all over.  There was a meet

Bounty Hunter No-Prep Grudge Nationals II

Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals II was ruckus this last weekend at San Antonio Raceway.  There was huge rain on Thursday night in the Marion area dropping buckets of rain.  Worse than it was last year.  The Santa Clara Creek rose so high that there was a high water rescue

FAILURE ANTHEM Live at Trees Dallas

"Hate Poison Tour" Failure Anthem Interview with Kile Odell on November 30th 2016 outside of Trees Dallas.  Really like the song "Paralyzed".  There were six bands playing "Hate Poison Tour" at Trees tonight including InnrCOR a local band.   Through Fire with their hit "Breathe" the bassist said as we talked out

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