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Xombie: “Might As Well”

Formed in 2010 out of New York City comes a rapcore band called Xombie. The band consists of four members: Atom Crews (lead vocals), Roy Galvan (lead guitar), Robert Fishkin (lead guitar), "Cadillac" Mike Martabano (bass), and Eric Castillo (drums). The band has three EP's under their belt, the latest release

Dusty Grant: “This Longing Heart” Review

Dusty Grant is a talented American singer-songwriter and musician from Omaha, Nebraska. For the past 17 years, Grant has been writing, recording, and performing original music. He began his music career fronting rock and metal bands. Grant decided to have a change of pace and switch gears to acoustic rock

The Fatal Pursuit: Sinful Review

The Fatal Pursuit are a passionate, fledgling rock band bringing the audience into the modern metal scene. Embracing the sound of double-bass drums supplied with roaring bass lines offer the opportunities for powerful vocals and majestic guitar harmonies delivered without hesitation for an engaging experience. Each new song they compose

Vanessa Carlton Austin Show Review

Vanessa Carlton gave a heartfelt, engaging performance at The Parish in Austin, TX Saturday March 25th. Along for the ride was violist Sky Steel as they went into what Vanessa describes as the elephant in the room her first song and well known hit, “A Thousand Miles.” The next song

New Music Review: MATT CHANWAY “Matt Chanway EP”

Matt Chanway is an instrumental guitar player and lead guitarist for western Canada's metal act, Assimilation. Chanway released a self titled EP offering a new perspective and inventive guitar playing to the progressive metal genre. These pieces bring together the gap between old-school and modern innovative rock and metal, and

Rahm: “Between The Lines” Review

Photo courtesy of Rahm is music artist that comes at us with his debut EP titled: Between The Lines. Rahm is not only a talented musician but he considers himself to be a husband, a father, a brother, and a son. His songs embrace about existence, love, friendship, fatherhood, fear,

He Is Me: “Resurrection”

He Is Me is a partnership involving Portland based songwriter and musician/producer, Casey Braunger and Calgary, AB based songwriter/vocalist, Steve Moore. He Is Me looks at the beauty in the emptiness in all of us and what is underneath with soundscapes, atmosphere, enthralling lyrical content, and sheer feeling. The duo

Human Darts: Explicit Thoughts Review

Human Darts began in the 1970s and released a record. The interesting idea behind this band is that there was no band. Three friends came together to release the record and went about their own music careers. The single became a unique collectors' item. This began the start of bands

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