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ART LOVE MAGIC celebrates 10 year Anniversary with ‘DECADE’ exhibit

DALLAS –   ArtLoveMagic celebrated a full decade of producing live art experiences in the DFW scene throwing a party on March 11th. Their anniversary celebration and exhibit, aptly titled: “DECADE”,  was held at the Janette Kennedy Gallery.

The show featured over 100 Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex artists from disciplines ranging from live art, live music, spoken word, and even body art.

From what we could see, the event was a resounding success. There was a steady stream of people and with all that was going on, there was plenty to see and do. Artists were on-hand to speak with patrons and to create “live art”.  Putting together this large of a show was n easy feat; the organizers truly out-did themselves.

For those of you didn’t make it to DECADE, you can still see the art from the show.  The exhibit is currently hanging in the Janette Kennedy Gallery located at 1409 S. Lamar St,  suite 106 in Dallas, and is open to the public during daylight hours. For how long? We don’t know, so you better make your way down there as soon as possible.

ArtLoveMagic is a volunteer run organization dedicated to the health and life of DFW arts by developing live experiences that connect artists and performers with audiences, while growing them both. Since forming in 2007, ArtLoveMagic has worked with thousands of artists musicians and performers, creating opportunities for all of to share their gifts and to give back.  Stay up-to-date on future events and happening by liking and following ArtLoveMagic on Facebook at @ArtLoveMagicDallas and on Twitter at @ArtLoveMagic. ArtLoveagic is headquartered at 1409 S Lamar Street Ste 106, in Dallas. 


Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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