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Hot-Boxing Big D: The 4th Annual 4/20 Experience

By Tristan Miller, with Ryan Javier

Dallas – The 4th Annual 420 Experience, brought to you by the Street Committee Radio and Jin Music Group, comes back to Dallas for yet another year of celebration.

RRJ_0978There was nothing greater to do on a beautiful Wednesday night than to join the excitement at LUXX Nightclub off of Pearl Street. In the previous years the 420 Experience has been held at Synn Night Club and the Green Elephant, however, LUXX Nightclub seemed as good as any to gather friends from all walks of life to explore the 420 Experience.

RRJ_0965 LUXX Nighclub is divided in two sections: an indoor bar and an luxurious open patio to release the beautiful night sky. Patrons gathered with much excitement and the power of 420 was yet to involve into an remember able night full of laughter.

The evening’s festivities were not lacking creativity or originality – guests arrived to LUXX Nightclub full of spirit and visually appealing attire. RRJ_1035Impeccably dressed commuters traveled from varying locations to be apart of what would be a long 420 celebration – lasting from seven at night to two in the morning. Patrons gathered around in outfits from a plethora of styles: some people wore shoes that lit up green, others in their 420 Experience, and even artists wore their original merchandise.

RRJ_1029Whilst conversing with new friends and fellow marijuana enthusiasts, guests trailed back and forth from the different vendors, surveying the different food and merchandise. The open patio was inviting for lofty conversation and a break from everyone’s work life. But no party would be successful without the accompaniment of alluring music.

RRJ_1026Various artists like Big Tuck, Mike Jones, Treal Lee, Fat Pimp, Kotton Mouth, Pooca Leroy, and other musicians filled the night with music. In front of the club was a red carpet and backdrop where interviews for guests and artists took place. The 420 Experience offered a splendid opportunity for local and upcoming artists to share their vision by joining on the red carpet to give short videoed speeches of their own.  Not only were artists able to be videoed, but also have the option of purchasing 420 PACKAGES – these packages ranged from a hundred dollars all the way up to twenty-five hundred dollar VIP packages.

IMG_0566Along with the grand experience of having your name heard as a musician, guests of other natures were able to come together for a wonderful night of networking and relationship building. On a night like April 20th, everyone is willing to share his or her desires and inspirational visions for the future. People exchanged names and talked about their goals for their career, which offered the liberty of connecting with other people and help aid each other’s endeavors. In a world like this, the support of like-minded people goes a far way and the 420 Experience provides an outlet for people to progress together.

RRJ_0970Undoubtedly, the major wonder of the 420 Experience is having the chance to take a step back from your life and take a deep breath. Often time’s people are so busy with their lives that they forget what it is like to be with like-minded people. On April 20th, however, those worries fade away into the night and people can truly enjoy the company of good friends no matter how different their lives are.

RRJ_1033 The 420 Experience provides that extra outlet to uplift people’s lives and give people and musicians the luxury of having their name out there. So if you’re looking for a night of good fun and charitable memories, join the next 420 Experience. With the contribution of fellow marijuana enthusiasts, the 420 Experience will live on….



Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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