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The 7th Annual Dallas Comedy Festival

By Tristan Miller

Dallas – The 7th annual Dallas Comedy Festival hit the streets of Deep Ellum with a whole new stride, and would be taking over Dallas for four days from Tuesday, March 22nd to Saturday, March 26th.

NIGHT RYHMERS – photo by Ryan Javier

The Dallas Comedy Festival honors the art of stand-up, improve, and sketch comedy. In addition, the festival is not only limited to live performances, but it also offers workshops, panels, and parties that ticket holders were willing to attend. Deep Ellum was a pleasing atmosphere for the Dallas Comedy Festival guests this year – people were able to enjoy satisfying nearby restaurants and still be close to the festival’s venue.

AARON ARAYNPUR – photo by Ryan Javier

The Dallas Comedy House’s new location was designed in such a welcoming manner that the ticket holders and the comedians felt right at home. The new venue was split between the main entrance, where visitors were able to purchase drinks at the bar, and two separate theater rooms – the Pdogs Theater and Tharp Theater. Each theater room was designed for different acts, which made the venue much more comfortable and less confining.

LOCAL HONEY – photo by Ryan Javier

Stand-up artists performed in the PDogs Theater room, while sketch and improve artists had their acts in the Tharp Theater room. Patrons would shuffle between all three rooms while the witness different artists performances and waited for the upcoming acts of others.

CHRIS TELLEZ – photo by Ryan Javier

Participants were more zealous about the upcoming performances than ever before. This year there was no problem filling the bill, because of how many comedians wanted the opportunity to be at the Dallas Comedy Festival – in the past comedians have traveled from far and wide just to be there.

TOM DAVENPORT – photo by Ryan Javier

The festival had the privilege to bring special guests like The Katydids, as well as Ithamar Enriquez and Frank Caeti to this year’s festivity. Frank has been a long time friend and supporter to the Dallas Comedy House and festival – many visitors, even if they weren’t well informed about the world of comedy, recognized him from his appearances on Key and Peele.

LARRY CAMPBELL – photo by Ryan Javier

In addition to the special guests that came to the festival, there were the vast majority of comedy artists that don’t always get the recognition they deserve. All of these artists taught the audience how one may live their dreams with great effort. The dedication of these comedians has kept the Dallas Comedy Festival’s genuine appeal, and has attracted participants to the festival for the last seven years.

LAW & ORDER: THE SVUSICAL – photo by Ryan Javier

In the end, the vast dynamics of artists and opportunities at this year’s festivity truly made the Dallas Comedy Festival go on without a hitch. Ticket holders and comedians laughed the nights away, and held on to every moment that they were able to savor. With memories as great as those that were experiences at this year’s comedy festival, there will be a longing for many more to return. Living in this world can make people feel secluded, but the comedy world teaches people that everyone has similar dilemmas; comedy teaches people that no one is alone in his or her endeavor to happiness. Sometimes all that one needs to be happy is a little laughter.



Ryan Javier
Co-Editor and photojournalist for Infrared Magazine
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